New Sony Bravia Paint Ad

I’ve posted before about how much I liked the other Sony Bravia ad and this new water-based-paint explosion ad looked really interesting. Today Sony released it. Check it out here. I’m not impressed. It’s an amazing amount of work, to be sure, but it seems like it’s too fast and ends too abruptly. Maybe that’s […]

What’s Temporary is Permanent

When you code you often have to make a decision to either hack together a temporary fix or design a robust solution. It’s often easy to do the temporary fix, because for example: 1. It isn’t critical code 2. Time is of the essence, “We need to ship now!” 3. There is high degree of […]

Putting a Voice to the Name

Last Wednesday I was interviewed on the Your Mac Life show. I know it is nice some times to get a better feel for the voice behind the words, so if you’d like, head on over and take a listen. My part starts a bit before half way through the show. Enjoy.

Wither the Wireless Mighty Mouse?

When the Mighty Mouse was announced, I was very skeptical about the Scroll Ball. I thought it would be too small and not responsive enough. Boy was I wrong. I love it, I think it has the best multi-directional feel of any mouse I have tried. After I had used it with the Intel iMac […]

Open XML Spec: 3975 pages!

I’ve mentioned before some of the challenges we’ve had this product cycle, but it’s hard to really express the scope and scale of things sometimes. Today, I got some help. One of the major changes under the hood this product cycle is support for the new Open XML based file format. The format has been […]

Think Different. Just Do It. Brilliant.

This is a wonderfully useful iPod addition. But what about all us cyclists? Great work Apple. I always wondered why Apple didn’t call the iPod the iListen or iMusic etc. I’m glad they left it generic. More and more the iPod becomes the hub of Apple’s off-line story. Now, if only it could be a […]

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