Workspace Traditions

Every company, every team has their different traditions and specific culture and Microsoft is no exception. Christian Buckley of pokes some fun at what I think is a Microsoft specific tradition of “decorating” offices of people gone for an extended period of time. I remember carting in sand for a “beach house” office decoration […]

Blogger 2.0

Some people are getting re-posts of my older blog posts. As far as I can tell, this has started since I moved to the new version of Blogger. When I upgraded this blog to Blogger 2.0, I gained the ability to tag or label my posts. Very cool. I also lost my formatting in all […]


Nadyne asks, “So this is my first time attending WWDC. Got any tips for a newbie? :)” I’ve got some: I’d not skip the keynote. 😉 And get there early. Ever since I scored a new mouse for showing up, I’m expecting some kind of keynote give away. Don’t do that. It’s perpetual disappointment. I […]