Diving In…

This is my son with his new roller blades. His first time at a skate park, dropping in. Notice the careful preparation, the commitment, then the exhilaration! Every time we learn something, there is that moment of choice, where we decide that despite the risks and uncomfortable feelings, the potential outcome is worth it all and […]


Especially with a code base that is mature, assumptions correctly made years ago can be terribly difficult to deal with later when the current and new assumptions reign. Writing code that lasts even 5 years and “is robust” is what everyone wants to do for sure, but the recipe for doing just that is not […]

Metacognitive Miscalibration

A few tweets ago, (I always feel weird referring to Twitter in the past tense) I posted: Why are the unintelligent or uninformed so arrogantly confident while the intelligent and well informed so often unsure and apprehensive? There is something very human to thinking you know more than you really do about a subject or […]

On Knowing Stuff

I just heard a funny story about a little boy in Columbus, Ohio and it goes like this: A traveler came along one day and said to the little boy, “My boy, where’s the road to Cleveland?” The little boy says, “I don’t know.” “Well, where’s the road to Cincinnati?” “I don’t know that either.” […]

My First QTVR: Petra, Jordan

A few years back, my sister and I went on a travel study trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. It was fantastic! I had a digital camera, a wide angle lens, a Kaidan mount adjusted for the focal point of the lens on my Dad’s Kodak, DC265 Digital Camera, and enough storage for about 64 […]