Infinite Plasticity

“Only here, in America, were the common folk of the Old World given a chance to show what they could do on their own, without a master to push and order them about. History contrived an earth-shaking joke when it lifted by the nape of the neck lowly peasants, shopkeepers, laborers, paupers, jailbirds, and drunks from the […]

The Hard Way is the Easy Way

“As a general rule, in prosperous societies we have been outsourcing more and more of the work that, a generation ago, was done “internally” in the home. It sounds almost quaint by comparison to life now, but in the modest neighborhood in which I grew up, there was a lot of work going on in […]

Compassion and Inequality

Recently Megan McArdle, a Bloomberg View columnist, published an article titled: “How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive.” I tend to see what’s broken, more than what’s going right, so I found this a hopeful read. There really are ways to we can help with poverty, right where we are. Here a few parts of this article […]

Hope Never Dies

For all of us, it is exceptional for us look outside ourselves and care about others, their needs, challenges and objectives more than our own. This is a poignant reminder that it is possible.