Classic Apple

When Apple announced the iPhone, I signed up for “more information” and gave them my email address. Today they sent me this:

On so many levels this is classic Apple.

Update 1: The graphic I uploaded from the email I got from Apple has misteriously disappeard. I’m guessing it’s some copyright issue, but I recieved no notice from Apple or Google, just that the graphic was gone. Interesting.

Update 2: Looks like I’m too paranoid, the picture is back. Must have been just another blogger bug.

2 thoughts on “Classic Apple

  1. signed up for so long for so little 😦but then again… it’s better than receiving the first e-mail at June, the time when it doesn’t matter.

  2. I love the time displayed. 9:42 is a set of VERY good numbers. 42 is, of course, the Great Answer, and is also the average of 9^2 and 9^1/2, and is a square in and of itself.It’s these little details that count. 🙂

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