WWDC Sessions on iTunes

I just got this email from Apple:

What can I say? Apple, you just made my day. (And pushed me that much closer to a Video iPod…) It looks like there’s more content on the way. Did I mention since I attended the conference, all of this is “free”? It will be interesting to see if ADC members who didn’t attend will be able to purchase this content. I sure hope so.

Update: For a direct link to the iTunes area, click here

5 thoughts on “WWDC Sessions on iTunes

  1. It’s free. I wasn’t able to get tpo WWDV this year but am a Select member. I got an email today about a “Leopard Early Start Kit” being available. It includes WWDC in iTunes (! way better than all those gigantic .dmg downloads of previous years), among other things. Just like yours. Now all I need is some time…

  2. Yep, I’m a select member and I too got the email today.However, whenever I tried to access it I got a “500” error after a fair chunk of time.Hopefully it’s just teething problems as everyone tries to download the goodies, and not a problem with acessing it from outside of the USA. I’ll be trying again when I get back home.

  3. If its free and they own the content, what is the issue? Nobody can profit from these videos.If they are unencumbered, how long is it going to take until they get out in the wild?

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