In hope of an iPhone…

Here is a phone from Synaptics. The coolest part about the phone? It has no keys, just one big touch screen canvas. I guess, if you are going to remove stuff in a drive for simplification, removing the key pad is about as far as you can go. On the other hand, this just puts more burden on the software designers of the interface to use the touch-pad well. My experience with touch screens has not been that great. The biggest problem I see is that without a pointer device, it’s hard to get feedback on what you’ve touched because your finger obscures what you are touching. One way to solve this, is with huge buttons, that allow for a color change that you can see around your finger or thumb. The problem with big buttons is, well, they’re ugly. Here’s to Apple solving the feedback problem along with a clean and beautiful UI.

4 thoughts on “In hope of an iPhone…

  1. Hey David,Just a grammar error in your article: it’s “finger or thumb” not “finder or thumb” 🙂 although having the finder pop up on an iphone wouldn’t be a bad thing 😉

  2. Hi David,Thought you might be interested in the article on Mac rumors ( today about Synaptics clearpad technology.The iPhone can’t be far away!

  3. That is a nice looking phone, I hope the iPhone looks a bit like that but with an Apple UI. I think Apple can def. pull this off, just like they did with the iPod. If you look at MP3 players from 2001, their UI is nothing like the 1G iPod.

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