My First QTVR: Petra, Jordan

A few years back, my sister and I went on a travel study trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. It was fantastic! I had a digital camera, a wide angle lens, a Kaidan mount adjusted for the focal point of the lens on my Dad’s Kodak, DC265 Digital Camera, and enough storage for about 64 “high quality” digital pictures.

Side Note: If in the future, you are going to bring a digital camera to a place where you will most likely never visit again, make sure you have enough batteries and storage to take as many pictures as you can, even if it costs a lot.

Well, I did get a few good pictures, but one of the most interesting places we visited was Petra, Jordan It is was one of the high lights of the trip. I set up the tripod and 12 or 13 portrait pictures later, I had enough to stitch together in Apple’s QTVR creation software. It was super fun and I thought you might enjoy the look around. You can also check out the Google Maps images here.

6 thoughts on “My First QTVR: Petra, Jordan

  1. yeah me too– i can’t find a current version of QT VR for OSX and that Apple makes. One would think that this is a really cool feature and why would you get rid of it. what did you use for this?thanks Michael

  2. hello, very nice qtvr,i do some also but i don’t know how to put them on my blog (on blogger beta),thanks if you can help……

  3. I just uploaded the QTVR movie file to my .Mac Public folder and then referenced it in HTML in my blog post. You can vew the HTML source and simply use that as an example for your own blog. I hope that helps.

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