Following Directions

Did you ever get one of those tests on how well you could follow directions? I remember a sheet of paper with more than 20 step by step directions (not unlike some usability studies…) and when you get to the last step you realize you’ve gone all wrong because of a careless reading of the instructions before step one? Well, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Maybe. 😉

P.S. I must have clicked it at least 100 times before I stopped…

5 thoughts on “Following Directions

  1. If you right click on the the movie and click play it will run through everything it says really quick.

  2. I didn’t count them, but I clicked until it looped… It seemed like just over 100 times! 😉

  3. Ahhh, I can’t stop! I actually looped through it, but then kept going again! Help me stop!

  4. There is a slight difference here, in that there are two different issues being addressed. One is “did you fully read and comprehend the instructions?” and the other is “are you going to obey?”. We’re curious little critters, so of course we’re going to think “oh, they just don’t want us to see the good stuff” and deliberately disobey. After all, half the fun in life is doing things you’re not supposed to do. The other half is getting away with it.

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