The Sad State of Mac OS backups

For some great info about Mac OS X backup software check out these two articles:

The State of Backup and Cloning Tools under Mac OS X

Mac Backup Software Harmful

Conclusion: Only SuperDuper works 100%

Amazing. Since all our OS restores in the Lab are done with ASR and in “block copy” mode, we aren’t effected by the 10.4.6 bugs, but still, this stuff should “just work” right? Guess not… :/

6 thoughts on “The Sad State of Mac OS backups

  1. I usually just backup my account’s filevault sparseimage using the Finder. Sure, I need to re-install my applications, but I don’t really care about that.

  2. I don’t know how he tested Retrospect 6.1.x, but I’ve done rather massive restores and backups with it, and had no problems at all with ACLs

  3. Because ASR in block copy mode actually works! But a full bit for bit restore of your entire disk volume is not normally what people need from their backup solution. Typically it’s one file or folder. For restoring a Lab full of Macs to one version of the Mac OS, I’m pretty sure ASR is the best game in town.

  4. Actually, SuperDuper can do block-copy restore. I use the app fairly often, but not with block-copy restore: It has a “smart copy” mode that’s a *lot* faster (it basically compares the two drives and only copies what’s required to get to the point it needs).

  5. I just run a shell script via cron every day. The script is made up of a few, easy to read rsync commands. I don’t really care too much about apps or the system itself. I use freeware/shareware apps for over 90% of my work and they install by drag and drop. I keep the installs of the progs I like, so this isn’t really a big deal either. Sure, I need to reinstall the OS, but that’s no big deal, even on my somewhat agin 1GHz Powerbook.

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