ARD in Rosetta, less than functional

If you use Apple Remote Desktop as much as I do and you’ve just got a new MacBook Pro, and you are working from home, well then, this doesn’t help the situation.

2 thoughts on “ARD in Rosetta, less than functional

  1. hi david,i have been crying since i got my macbook pro, and when i am not crying, i am hitting myself over the head with a 2×4! i never knew i had a brain problem until i impulse bought a brand new macbook pro before i read the particulars. i use photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, flash, fireworks word and many other beefy applications, including ones that won’t work now like Virtual PC, and Apple Remote Desktop. do you have any idea when this stuff will be updated or if it even will? i searched on google, and your posts were the only thing close to a cry that i found….

  2. Thanks to Philip Rinehart over at ARD is now working just fine on my MacBook Pro! The steps are located < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>. Hope that helps.

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